Taste Tester this week

Last weeks Taste Tester session (Jujutsu) slotted well into the MEAC, sharing space with the regular Tai Chi and Iaijutsu classes. While the rain has been very welcome, I'm sure that it acted as a mild discouragement to some who might otherwise have come.

This Wednesday will be Systema. General Club members are very welcome to come along and participate (usual training contributions apply). 

If you are just starting with the Club it is not too late to join up! You can do so through the Club's Pro Shop, or just turn up on the night.

Remember, if you need a lift out to the MEAC, make sure you contact Michael.Baczynski@usq.edu.au as he will be heading from Kendo at the CBRC around 5.50pm. And if you are at the colleges, make sure you arrange for a late dinner.