Jujutsu this week: Monday 29 April 2019

Morning all,

This week in jujutsu will be focused around preparation for the upcoming grading opportunity. Can I please as that you let myself know if you will be attending training this week so that suitable arrangements can be made for class content. Michael will not be at back in Toowoomba until the end of the week, so I will be taking both classes.

For tonight’s class, can I ask that you let me know directly if you will be attending.

For Thursday, things will need run slightly differently. I will be at parent teacher interviews until just after 6pm and will be heading directly to the dojo for jujutsu. But since I may be a touch late, Jack, as a more senior student, has agreed to oversee the set up and beginning of the warm up in my absence. As soon as I arrive I will be on the mat and we will continue with class as normal.

Can I please ask that if you will not make an evening this week that you let me know as soon as convenient.

Best of luck in the upcoming grading!