IBF Training Day wrap up

It was an exceptionally pleasant Saturday road trip down to the Hills District PCYC to participate in the annual International Budo Federation, Queensland Branch training day. Making the trip from Toowoomba in the red tractor were Jack, Michael, Raymond, Robert and Tracy, and we were joined by Tony, and Don Ouellette's other students to participate is a wide range of disciplines including Arnis, Kendo, Silat, Aikido, Jujutsu, and self defence concepts.

It was lovely to see how much interest there was in the kendo session (from my perspective, what is not to love!), but having a group of folk who had never picked up a shinai before go from clubbing to slicing was gratifying. We also received many compliments and congratulations for both the sessions we instructed, and the qualities of the BBRD members who came to "wave the flag". Don sensei and Jason Griffiths sensei likewise very much impressed and inspired with their Arnis sessions, so we will have to capitalise on that and keep the fires burning up the Hill. 

It was also lovely to reconnect with folk from last year. There was even talk of having people come and visit Toowoomba to continue the martial arts dialogue. At this stage we are considering hosting a training weekend up in Toowoomba around mid-November, so we will keep you posted!