Back to school

I hope that everyone has had a good break from the regular routines over the past fortnight, and that the time has been productive and enjoyable. A few things to remember now that we are in Term four. 

Firs, for those that train on the  tatami we will once again be setting up and putting them away Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Could you please ensure that you arrive as close to 6 pm (or 4 pm Saturday) so that we can start at quarter past the hour sharp

Second, we will be using Martialytecs to track training contributions from this week, so if you could make sure that you talk with Michael in order to log what form of contributions you are making (such as direct debit, cash, or dojo dollars). 

Third, I'll be talking to folk directly, but could you please bring in any Club equipment *especially jujutsu jackets* this week so that we can service/clean them in the next fortnight. 

Have fun everyone, and I'll look forward to seeing you this week!