Crowd sourced funding: Training mats

The Club has been going from strength to strength this year, with peak attendance at regular training starting to crowd the mats, particularly when the training surface is spread across parallel classes. The Club Executive has been working toward organising a number of fund-raising opportunities to increase the size of the training surface, particularly going into a Queensland-based Australian University Games once again in 2015.

While we will continue to pursue those fund raising plans, I'd also like to promote an opportunity for people to directly donate towards them, particularly if people are stuck for Christmas gift ideas, or simply want to increase the ability for Toowoomba to host marital arts competitions and seminars.

The mats the Club trains on are the most crucial piece of safety equipment that we use. At present we have access to a little over one inner Judo competition court worth of mats (80 square meters, or 40 mats), but we need to more than double that to a size of 196 square meters (96 mats) in order to host an inter-club judo competition.

Each additional mat is roughly $200 to purchase and ship. They are the Club's most expensive and most important item!

More mats allow for more classes and more opportunities to service the University and wider Toowoomba community. Your donations will directly translate to a safer training experience.

You can make a donation by following the link to Campaigns and Donations

Make sure you spread the word widely, and let people know that if they are stuck for a Christmas or Birthday present idea, they could always make a donation to the Club. All donations will be gratefully noted on the Club's sponsor's page.