Away again this week

Now that we are heading to the pointy end of semester, my movements will be a little erratic for the next fortnight. I have an exam in Bundaberg Monday 1 pm, so obviously will not be available for Monday’s evening classes, nor Tuesday’s Go session. Next week I will be up there Wednesday and Thursday. I then get a couple of weeks home here in Toowoomba between semesters to recharge, recoup and spend a little more time at the dojo. 

Keep an eye out on the various BBRD Facebook pages for updates regarding which sessions will be run. I will be doing my now usual video session to keep an eye on Iaido practice on Thursday night, and my sessions in Gin Gin and Shalom college. In addition, I will be announcing the date for the next Jujutsu grading opportunity next week once I have confirmed the availability of a grading panel.