QKR Annual membership fees due by end of month

As most of you will be aware, in order to continue to be a registered kendoka or iaidoka, annual QKR dues must be paid into the QKR bank account no later than June 30. However, I would ask that you please do so by Friday 15 June so that we can just sort out any administrative hurdles before the end of the month, including timely lodgement of your memberships with the National body (AKR).

The cost of membership is a base of $60 for adults and $40 for children plus $10 for each art you are involved in. This must be paid into the QKR bank account (not the BBRD one), the details for which can be found on the QKR website . When you are lodging your payment could you please reference your deposit with either you QKR number and/or your surname so that it can be properly accounted for. In addition, could you please send an email to president@qkr.asn.au and myself at michael.baczynski@bbrd.org.au notifying us that you have paid. 

Paying membership is important. Aside from it being the correct thing to do in order to support an association that provides much return in terms of training opportunities and guidance b senior sensei, It also covers you for insurance should something happen. It is also one of the cheapest martial arts association to be a part of. 

I will be enforcing a strict no training policy for people who have not paid by the 15th, save for brand new participants that are in their four week gratis period.