Club inventory

I wanted to thank everyone who was able to make it in this Saturday and help out with the annual Club inventory and stock take. Adrian, Geoff, Jack, Matt, Michael, Raymond, and Tracy (with over site from Ollie) made relatively short work of the count and assessment of the Club's equipment. There are a few items that will need repair and replace, particularly in the first aid kits, but at least we have a base to work from in terms of restocking what is necessary.

It was much easier to assess everything with the shelving and storage tub system that we deployed earlier this year. It is really good to feel more in control of the storage space and to be able to keep the MEAC in a much tidier state!

Could I ask that if you are currently in possession of any Club equipment (uniforms, weapons etc) that you please bring them in this week to be sited, evaluated and counted on our inventory list.