Date Claimers coming up in the next two months

We have a number of things on the go in the next two months for the Club to participate in. First is the USQ Toowoomba Market Day Wednesday 13 July, which will be primarily held during the common hour. The Club will be doing a regular spread of demonstrations and meet and greet with students. More details will be discussed in class this week and in the next Budo Bulletin.

Second, the first anniversary of John (Panda) Watton's death on August 1, and I would like to commemorate that with an event around that date. We will be discussing the details of this at the next Executive meeting, and will let everyone know ASAP.

Third is the Toowoomba Languages and Cultures Festival, which will be on Sunday 14 August. We are currently negotiating a suitable place to hold a Kyudo demonstration on the day, in addition to the other activities that we will be engaged in.

Fourth, the BBRD Winter dojo open day is scheduled for Saturday 20 August.  We will be advertising more widely in the community to see if we can entice a few more members. However, regardless of the "new" turn out, we will be having a usual day of fun!

Finally, Saturday 27 August is the training day for the Queensland branch of the International Budo Federation, which we have been invited to participate at. It was quite a bit of fun last year to meet and train with new folk, and I am looking forward to it this year as well!