Training this week (Monday 4 July)

I hope that everyone has been enjoying the mid-year break in whatever capacity the seasonal change brings. And best wishes for any Americans celebrating Independence Day on Monday. Given it is the last week of school holidays, we are still afforded the luxury of leaving the tatami down. We will, however, have to pack them up Thursday night as there will be no training this weekend, given I will be down on the Gold Coast at the QKR seminar and grading.

We will be taking the opportunity to train Kendo at the MEAC this week, so that some of our beginners can be fitted for Club bogu in order to take their training to the next step. It will be great to have more folk kitted up and fully participating in all aspects of regular training!

This week we will also have visitors from Glen Henry sensei's Brisbane dojo. They will be training with Eric Tavener in Jodo both Monday and Wednesday night. I'm personally looking forward to it as I'm (a) batching it, with Sara away on conference this week and (b) been bitten by the Jodo bug a little, after trying my best to help Eric with the demonstration at the Geham State School. So happy coincidence! Now I just have to fit in some regular training opportunities ...

Finally, could I ask that everyone try to be on time for training sessions. On Saturday, I demonstrated the protocol for what to do when you come in late. However, this ought to be a rare occurrence. And with the tatami down, I would ask that people are absolutely ready to go at 6.15 pm for jujutsu classes and 6 pm for other classes this week. Plenty to do in Jujutsu, with our biannual focus on goshin jutsu and heiki wasa this month.

Have a great week everyone! As always, I'll look forward to seeing you on the mat!