The month ahead

With only four weeks till the start of Semester 1, we are all in full preparation mode for the University year ahead. I want to wish everyone who is currently in the last stages of Semester 3 study all the best with final examinations and assignments. 

As always, the Club will be participating in the Orientation week Market day on Thursday 23 February. We have been allocated our regular position in the Quad opposite C block, and we will use the day to once again promote what we do and have fun training while doing so! 

At this stage, we are planning a trip to train at the Kenshinkai, Brisbane on the morning of Saturday 11 February (kendo, with iaido TBC). Additionally, we hope to have training opportunities with Tom Johnson sensei after his recent trip to WA, Glen Henry sensei as part of an ongoing program to assist SMR Jodo practitioners, and Don Ouellette sensei. 

We will also be holding an Executive meeting in the next fortnight, so please let the various representatives know if there is an issue or event you wish to be addressed in that forum.