Updating the member database

As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure that the information we have about our members is secure and accurate, we will be sending out an email this week to ask that you check over your current information that we have on the system (so no, this wil not be phishing or spam — if in doubt please ask Michael at the dojo). These will be sent to your currently registered e-mail address, so if you do not receive an e-mail by weeks end, please let me know and we can manually enter the information into the system at the dojo. Also check your "Spam" folder, as the e-mail might be misidentified. 

One thing that we will be adding is a record of your USQ student or staff number. We would like your number even if you are not currently studying or working at USQ, as this is a permenant identifier (we will note your current status on our records).

For those of you who have never studied or worked at USQ, we will come up with your own Club number in its place. In addition, we will be creating Club membership cards so that you can better access Club benefits, such as discounted access to Anytime Fitness gyms.