What's on this week

This week ought to be a fairly regular (and full) week of training. It will be great to see some of you returning to class after work and study commitments have kept you away.  

For jujutsu-ka, please remember to register whether you are coming to Saturday's session either on the newly created Facebook group or directly to me. If we don't get to five people, I will be cancelling the session. Additionally, we move through to a new cycle of our training focus, which for this month is nage waza. This week we will primarily be reviewing the nyumon throws, though I want to progress to the chuden and even joden waza for those who are at that stage of their training. 

For kendo and iaido folk, could you please let me know if you are wanting accomodation for the 1st and 2nd of December by Friday so that I can book appropriate accomodation for us while attending the QKR summer seminar and grading opportunity. Again, this can be done either via the new group or directly to me. Grading application forms need to be signed off and submitted by the 18th of November, so please ensure that you have spoken with me about your intention to grade. We will be putting in extra effort this month to finish polishing our performance in the lead up to that weekend, so make sure that you make the most of each training session that we have! 

I will be putting in a Tozando order tomorrow in order to take advantage of the triple-points promotion  that finishes then. If you are wanting something and have not let me know, please contact me ASAP with your request so that it can be included in this order. It is unlikely that we shall be making another Club order till the New Year (unless a whole rush of folk want something), so please make sure that you take advantage of that now.  

Now that I have a little bit more free time, I will also be spending some of it looking at the Club's promotional material and branded items. In particular, could you give an indication if you are interested in getting: 

  • An official 2018 Club calendar
  • Club board shorts/rashie (great for Gym and Swim) 
  • Club mugs, phone cases,  pens, car stickers, t-shirts, polo shirts etc.

Basically, if you have a request for a specific item let me know and if there is sufficient interest I will draft up a design. We can use the Facebook group as a primary avenue for polling what folk want, and for those of you not connected there, you can let me know directly. 

So have a great week everyone, and I'll look forward to seeing you at the dojo.