Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone has had a restful and recharging fortnight since I last wrote a post for the Budo Bulletin. With 2018 finally drawing to a close and the prospect of a very full and exciting 2019 ahead, I’d like to thank everyone in the extended BBRD community for the dedication, generosity and determination that have characterised the year. 

2018 has been a year of transition, as I have had to spend a significant chunk of it in Bundaberg, and this enforced absence will again be a feature of 2019. However, I think that we can say that folk in the Club have definitely stepped up into support and leadership roles both teaching and administratively, and we are heading into the new year well prepared. The year past has also brought new opportunities to expand on what we love doing, and I am looking forward to continuing that for the coming year in the Bundaberg district.  

Our year will officially kick off this Thursday, 3 January for keiko hajime. We will be opening up the dojo doors at 5 pm and give the dojo floor and mats a quick clean down before we start promptly at 6 pm. Please ensure that you get to the dojo as close to 5 pm as you can make it so that you can do your bit for the tidy up and get yourself ready for the evening’s training to commence.  

I will be conferring with the other discipline instructors over the next few days, but I expect that the format of the evening will be broadly similar to previous years. If in doubt, bring along your various items of training equipment/uniforms and expect to be an active participant.  

I am wanting to do the whole sushi/mochi/cha light supper at the end of the evening, so please confirm your attendence either directly to me or via the Facebook group so that we can cater appropriately.  

So I hope everyone goes well into this coming year. I wish everyone the very best in meeting the challenges that 2019 will bring, and hope that it provides the opportunity for fulfilment and reward for the effort I know you will be making in your various endeavours.