Jujutsu grading results

I was enormously pleased with the results from the Jujutsu grading held on Saturday morning. First, I would like to commend everyone who put themselves forward for shinsa, especially those who were feeling sub-par due to illness or injury. It demonstrated significant mettle to put in the requisite performance on the day.

I would also like to thank those of you who participated without grading. To Brady, Aaron and Peter for ably offering themselves as uke for candidates to demonstrate their proficiency, to Sian for organising pizza for lunch, and Geoff for being the official cameraman for the day.

Commiserations to Raymond for being unsuccessful this time. Although having worked very hard and making large improvements, he was not quite able to meet the criteria for his attempt. We will, of course, work together to polish out those rough bits between now and the next grading opportunity. 

And of course congratulations to the successful candidates:

  • Matthew Greenhatch — 9th Kyu
  • Oliver Ward — 8th Kyu
  • Matthew Mcenery — 8th Kyu
  • Will Jurgs — 7th Kyu
  • Tracy Campbell — 6th Kyu
  • Dylan Green — 5th Kyu

So well done everyone, especially so Tracy as she now has earned the right to wear a blue belt in training. This symbolises that she has successfully completed the first portion of the Jujutsu syllabus (the nyumon), and is now advancing to the more difficult chuden or mid level of the syllabus. Well done — and we will have to work on those forward flips!