QKR: 2 weeks out

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to say that we’ve done awesome this year so far with our numbers growing and a real effort put in to improving everyone’s kendo. I want to touch base on a few things, First the deadline for QKR Membership application/renewal has passed and the same goes for grading application. As it has been stated many times if you haven’t lodged these by now you will lot be elegable to participate in the seminar or challenge for a new grade. Now that i have the administrative stuff out of the way i am excited to say that according to Auspost our Tozando shipment should be delivered today. i will be making another order after the seminar for anything people may have missed with the first one.

Participants at the SEQ June Mini seminar

Participants at the SEQ June Mini seminar

Finally a bit of old news. Last Sunday saw the Second QKR SEQ monthly mini seminar, this time at the Logan metro sports center. I must say it really improved on the first one stayed on track and covered a lot. There was a good turnout (although a little smaller than the first) it have been green lit for this series of seminars to continue into the future. Kateena , Michael B and Myself were all set to head down but unfortunately illness scratched Kateena and Michael B out. unfortunately the QKR has decided not to continue with the program but will be offered by Kenshinkan at a club level with an open invite to those from other clubs who wish to receive extra practice.

I think that is all i have so have a great week and hope to see everyone in the Dojo.

Sean T

Kendo Coordinator