Fight for Life/IBF training Day this Sunday

We are scheduled to head down to Brisbane this weekend to again participate in the opportunity to train alongside a variety of disciplines, hosted by Peter Hills sensei and the International Budo Federation.

This year, Kevin Walsh sensei, founder of the Fight for Life concept will be teaching a judo session. Kevin sensei is a 7DAN in jujutsu, recognised by the Dai Nippon Butokukai. Other sessions will include Leanne Walsh sensei (4DAN ZKR Iaido) teaching iai fundamentals, Jason Griffiths renshi 5DAN teaching karate, with Stephen Cosgrove (6DAN) and Leo Richards (2DAN) also teaching jujutsu sessions. As a special late addition to the list, AKA and WAKA President Ramon Lawrence OAM sensei  (3DAN Kyudo) will be demonstrating Kyudo at the conclusion of the event. 

Mat fee is $20 and they will be selling fund raising commemorative t-shirts of the event for $10, with proceeds going to the Dr Charlie Teo Foundation. 

Kick off time will be 9.00 am, so the aim is to leave Toowoomba around 6.30 am to allow plenty of time to get down there and get ready for the day. We expect to be finished around 1 pm, and grab a light lunch before heading back up the hill. 

Could I please get an indication ASAP if you are interested and able to come along. It will be good to just sort out how many cars we will need to take down. Additionally, could I please organise a loan of bokken (with or without saya) if you are not coming along, as we suspect that at present there may be more participants than available bokken for  Leanne sensei’s session. We will of course be taking the Club’s stock as well.