Confirmation of grading details for QKR seminar

The QKR seminar is rapidly approaching and we have received confirmation that Kendo kyu grades will be examined at the event. House keeping as a result entails that the paperwork to apply for a grade needs to be sighted, signed off and submitted to the QKR, and all fees paid, no later than November 20. I will sign off on any Kendo paperwork, while Iaido paperwork needs to be signed off by Tom Johnson sensei

Cost for the seminar is $50 for both days, $30 for one day. You must be registered as a QKR member before the seminar, so please attend to that immediately if you need to. 

As mentioned earlier, our intention is to stay down on the Gold Coast both Friday and Saturday night so as to be able to make the best of the training opportunity on both days. Please confirm with me this week if you wish to share in the accommodation, as we will been to make a booking sooner rather than later.