Quick reminders: Summer schedule etc.

Just a quick reminder that given Holy Name Primary has finished their school year, we will now have unfettered access to the MEAC for training. As usual this means a few things. First, I will be heading in around 11 am to return items to the dojo we took over the weekend, and to start setting up the space for us over the summer. If anyone is free around 11 am, please consider coming in to give me a hand. We shall be having a thorough clean of the MEAC floor and surrounds next week, including the hiring of an industrial floor cleaner. Please keep an eye out for the details as it is definitely a case of many hands, light(er) work.

Second, given that we will not need to spend time laying out and packing up the mats, we will be starting most classes at 6pm and at 7.40 pm sharp. This will be reflected on the website timetable later today (when I get a chance to do the alterations). Please ensure that you arrive at the dojo in sufficient time to get ready and start on time. I will also publish some lunchtime session times as well, so please keep an eye out on the calendar for this.

Third, given the end of year dinner, there will be no Jodo or FlexiFit on this Wednesday night.

Fourth, we shall be conducting a Jujutsu shinsa on Thursday 14 December, so anyone wishing to attempt the challenge must let me know no later than this Thursday, and Thursday night training will be dedicated to it.

Finally, keiko yame will be on Saturday 23 December, and keiko hajime on Tuesday 2 January. Keep an eye out for more details as we announce them!

So as always, I'll look forward to seeing folk at the dojo over the summer continuing our budo journey.