Housekeeping at the MEAC

We have had a request from the After Hours Care provider at the MEAC to be a little more careful with personal belongings in and around the MEAC.

A few of you have been leaving items behind after training, particularly on top of the Extend admin desk. Items left behind will be forwarded to the School's lost property.

I want to remind everyone that as a shared facility we all have a responsibility to keep the space as tidy and clean as possible. It is a core value of all martial arts, but of Japanese art particularly, to be both fastidious and particular with our physical environment, as it is a reflection of our internal environment and attitude towards training.

Before you leave training, make sure you have a final check before you head off. In addition, if you see something that needs attending to (like a preliminary sweep of the floor), don't be shy: Bog in and contribute!