Kurt Graham Seminar

Remember that this Saturday, 9 August, we are hosting Graham, kyoshi for his bujutsu and Modern Arnis seminar sessions at the Mort Estate Activity Centre (MEAC, Rosewood Street).

As said before, this is an excellent opportunity to train with someone who is both a world-class martial artist and an excellent teacher, and I strongly encourage everyone to come along. Please spread the word through your networks too, as the more people we have attend, the more often we can organise him (and other high ranking sensei) to give open seminars here in Toowoomba.

Bujutsu will be on from 12.00–2.00 pm, Modern Arnis from 2.20-4.20 pm, with grading to follow afterwards. $40/$50 for one session, & $65/$80 for both (BBRD Member/non-member).

Please send any questions comment or queries to Michael by e-mail at: michael.baczynski@bbrd.org.au or give him a call on 04 1144 2081.

We will also need some volunteers to help set up the dojo for the seminar, so please nominate if you are free to do so for Saturday morning.