Back to regular training this week

September is always a welcome turning point in the Toowoomba weather, and I am looking forward to the upcoming month of training. It is lighter on with regards to external commitments, but that certainly provides more opportunity to focus on training.

Just to let everyone know that we are back to regular programming for this week across all disciplines. Hope to see folk at Kendo tomorrow afternoon and good numbers for our evening classes at the MEAC. We are continuing with a focus on shime wasa in Jujutsu and I'm looking forward to the increased light and warmth available for practising Arnis on a Thursday!

Can I also ask that you consider helping out with the Saturday dojo clean. We will probably have to give the place a goo scrub down after the Art show, and do the same with our mats.

An remember that monthly dues ought be put into Club bank account or provided directly to Michael this week!