Kendo news

September has a few kendo-related items on the calendar. First, there is a contingent of us going down to support the Australian University Games as volunteers the weekend of the 22-24th (yes, we start on the Friday). This week we shall be finalising plans for this event, and I will be in touch with everyone regarding the details. All volunteers require a white long sleeved business shirt, black or dark grey pants and black or dark grey socks. A red tie will be provided by the event organiser, but bring one if you have it. A blue sports jacket is optional. 

Given the tightness of the timeframe, we will be postponing out regular trip to train at the Kenshinkai till October. This is in part due to the Mt Gravatt hall being unavailable and the Uni Games commitments, which will see us having an opportunity to get some practice in while we are down there.  

I will also be hoping to hear back in the next week or so if we have been successful in convincing the QKR to hold the December seminar and grading opportunity here in Toowoomba. So please watch this space as it will require some support from the broader Club membership.  

I also wanted to take the opportunity to thank Alex Lee for coming along to training on Sunday. Alex has been in South East Queensland for work (his usual home base is in Sydney), and has taken the opportunity to train with all the Kendo Clubs here. It was a pleasure to meet and train with him, and we would love to see him again the next time he is through! 

We will have to confirm later this week regarding training for Sunday. I will be unavailable, but we shall see if Minty and Matt G can run the session. It has been great to see some new faces this past fortnight (welcome Holly, Michael T and Jessica), and the excellent week-on-week progress made by Kateena. With luck, we may see some new and returning faces over the next few weeks!