Australian University Games Results.

This past week saw Sydney host the 2014 Australian University Games. I wanted to send a vote of congratulations to all the athletes from around the country that came to compete.

There were no BBRD members competing this year. However, there are familiar names (and friends) among the winners. Full results can be found at From the Judo and Kendo, the results were:

U 60 kg: William Lum (UTS)
U 66 kg: Padraic Kearney (UNSW)
U 73 kg: Kevin Da Silva (UTS)
U 83 kg: Riccardo Roccisano (ANU)
U 90 kg: Donald McDougall (USYD)
U 100 kg: Millar Lloyd (UNSW)
Champion of Champions: Donald McDougall (USYD)
Men's Team Competition: UNSW

U 52 kg & 57 kg (combined): Jessie Weston (UNDA)
U 63 kg: Geraldine Mosely (MON)
U 70 kg: Naomi de Bruine (ACPE)
U 78 kg & +78 kg (combined): Catriona Maciver (USYD)
Women Champion of Chapmions Naomi de Bruine (ACPE)
Women's Team Competition: USYD


Men's Kyu: Tony Liu (UTS)
Women's Kyu: Ioana Levins (USYD)
Men's Dan: Kwang Yul Jeong (RMIT)
Women's Dan: Julie Tran (USYD)
Kyu Team's: USYD
Dan Team's:USYD