QKR Seminar wrap up

A successful weekend was had by BBRD members and friends at the annual QKR summer seminar, hosted this year at the Tallebudgera Recreation Centre on the Gold Coast.  

A big thank you to all the senior sensei across both Kendo and Iaido for their time, patience and instruction over the weekend in what were extremely hot and humid conditions. Many thanks especially to Tamura sensei who had taken the lion's share of the organisation for the weekend, including creating a new grading format for Kendo Kyu grades. 

Successfully promoted in Kendo were Alastair and Sean Bain (6 Kyu), and Matt G (3 Kyu, double grade); and in Iaido, Tracy Campbell (3 Kyu), Matt G (3 Kyu), Michael B (2 Kyu) and Rob Doncaster (1 D). We will look forward to seeing everyone's progress over the next seven months and meet up with the broader Queensland Kendo and Iaido communities in July.