Thank you Kenshinkai!

I just want to express thanks again to John Isaacs sensei and the regular members of Kenshinkai, Brisbane, for the warm welcome and training opportunity this weekend. It was an excellent opportunity for Sian, Sean and Holly to get quality input before their shinsa challenge at the end of the month, and for Minty, Kateena and I to get some high-level input into our own technique, as well as the opportunity to train with a broader community.

It was also great to catch up with some of the Brisbane based kendoka, including Okamoto sensei, Dave F. and Anna, who we have missed the last few times we have come down, and it was also lovely to see Robert Kimber, who came down to watch (and I think has started to get that “itch” to come back to training). All we need to do now is encourage Maaike to pick up the shinai, and we will be one step closer to getting the Uni Games “band” back together!

I will look forward to seeing everyone again on the 24th for the Toowoomba “Give it a go” Day, and our continued training through the year.