Kendo and Iaido news

As I will be away next week, I am wanting to ensure that all of the paperwork for the QKR Summer seminar and the attached gradings are completed this week. Tom Johnson, sensei, is intending to come up for Thursday's Iaido session, and I would like to provide him with the signed hard copies of the necessary paperwork for both Iaido and Kendo at that time.  You should also consider paying your seminar attendance fee and grading fee this week so that you do not forget. Please note, if payment is not received by 18 November, you will be ineligible to attempt shinsa

Remember that I will need to sign your Kendo forms, and Tom, sensei needs to do the same for Iaido. Please print out the grading form off the QKR web site, and bring them along to training this week.  

We will also be confirming accomodation this week for 1-3 December, so please keep an eye out on the Kendo & Iaido @BBRD Facebook group to confirm/vote on our options.