Timetable changes

By way of official notification, we will be cancelling regular scheduled Club commitments on Saturday afternoons starting from this week. Attendance has been poor for both the regular scheduled clean up and Jujutsu for some months now, and with myself being away next weekend, the QKR summer seminar on 2 & 3 December, and an Executive planning day on the 9th of December, it is best that we given things a rest on Saturdays till the new year. We might have a one off session between now and then on a Saturday, but this will be by appointment and by confirmation only. 

As a result of this, it does not make much sense for us to do our scheduled clean on the Saturday. Instead, we shall do so Sunday morning 9 am before the Kendo and Arnis classes that are, in fact, getting some good numbers atttending.  

We are still to set an official date for keiko yame and New Year's keiko hajime, but we shall do so at the Executive meeting that is scheduled for this Thursday.