Getting ready for the new Academic year

As I mentioned last week, the first of the Club's commitments for the academic year will be on Thursday 23 February for O-Week Market Day.  

We will be out in the Quad once more just in front of C block and under the shade of the trees. Could you please let us know your availability on that day. We will require assistance setting up around 8 am, packing up around 3.30 pm, and of course bodies to do demonstrations throughout the day, folk to engage with the community and take details of those interested in doing things with he Club. This will be especially important from 10 am – 2 pm when the biggest numbers of people wash through.

It would be worth contemplating getting Club t-shirts for both the day and for training. You can order them directly from 

Remember to look at the "Uniform" and well as the "Art shirts" as we have new designs for Arnis, Systema and a general white Club shirt as well as some of our other designs. Also, the more you order, of course, the less the shipping cost per t-shirt, so you may want to go in combination with a few of you to reduce the overall cost. And it would be worth doing so soon, as the least expensive shipping option still has an up to 10 day turn around time for delivery. 

We will be continuing to spend some time this week polishing our demonstration items, so please be prompt and attentive at class this week and next!