Date saver: Saturday 15 April Kurt Graham seminar

I just wanted to make sure that everyone in the wider circle of BBRD members and supporters knows that we have locked in the date for the next Kurt Graham seminar.  

Toowoomba will be hosting Kurt sensei on Saturday 15 April for a morning of martial arts excellence. Those who know Kurt sensei is one of the finest martial arts practitioners I have ever had the privilege to train with and under. His personal training history speaks for itself and those that have been to previous seminars will attest that he is an erudite and entertaining teacher, and that everyone comes away with a new appreciation and understanding of what we practice.  

Details will be finalized this week, including cost, duration and focus. We are likely to organise 3-4 hours of session with two or three foci — definitely jujutsu and self defense applications and possibly Arnis Escrima, depending on levels of interest.   

This will be an open seminar, with BBRD members, friends and the general Toowoomba martial arts community most welcome to attend. Look for the confirmed details in next week's bulletin!