Congratulations for successful jujutsu gradings

I am very pleased to announce that both Jack Baker and Sean Thompson were successful in their jujutsu shinsa on Saturday. 

Jack has been long overdue a grading attempt, having missed a few opportunities to challenge for 6KYU. He ably demonstrated the requirements for the grade on Saturday, and will be leaving Toowoomba with the right to wear a blue belt in training. Sean was a last minute inclusion for the grade, but amply demonstrated the requirements for 8KYU.

As always, shinsa lets people know about what they need to focus on next, and is an important tool to frame your training journey, rather than see as a destination to reach. Many thanks to Brady for his role as dojo steward, and to Dylan G, back to the dojo after a break, in his role as uke

My intention is to hold another grading opportunity in November, and I would like to see many more accept the challenge at that time.