Fight for life wrap up

It was a glorious day yesterday for the IBF training day/Fight for life fundraiser. As always, I very much enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with the broader martial arts community, and to spend a good part of the day training across a number of disciplines. This year both Tracy and Kateena made the trip down the hill, with Ramon Lawrence sensei, Tom Johnson sensei, and myself providing a demonstration of Kyudo at the end of the day. The Kyudo makiwara I hastily made the day before held up to the task (both of being transported down to the event and having ya fired into it). I also drew some amused comments regarding quick costume changes (Jujutsu gi, to Iaido, back to Jujutsu, and then for Kyudo). 

Many thanks to Peter Hills sensei for again organising the event, for all of the session instructors for their patience and generous feedback, and of course to all the participants who came and made the day a success. $950 was raised for the Charlie Teo Foundation. Will again look forward to next year and hope that more of you can make the event!