SMR Jodo Gasshaku

Hello All,

The Shinto Muso Ryu Jodo Gasshaku at Camp Warrawee, near Petrie, started on the 4th of this month (Saturady) with a formal welcome occurring on Sunday.

Training started in earnest on Sunday with kihone starting at 0600 hrs (6 am) for an hour.  Following breakfast, a brief history of SMR Jodo in Australia was presented, followed with a formal bow in and then two hours of omote training. After lunch more omote and ken training took place followed by open paired training until dinner time.

That was just the first full day of training.  The rest of the week will be similar, with Wednesday being a free day.

There are a good number of practitioners attending the Gasshaku with ample opportunity to train with people with various and varying techniques and styles.  There is also plenty of good insight being given by Sensei Pascal Krieger, the president of the European and International Jodo Federation.

See everybody at the Language and Cultural Festival.