Toowoomba Languages and Cultures Festival this weekend

It is that time of year again— Sunday will be the tenth outing of the Club in support of the Toowoomba Languages and Cultures Festival. 

The set up will be broadly the same this year as in previous years, with a dedicated demonstration area adjacent to the combined USQ/Languages association marquee, a separate smaller marquee outside the entrance and two tables with the USQ area where we can set up a set of Go boards and taiko drum display out of the sun. We are scheduled to do active public demos from 12.30 pm, but will be practicing fairly much from completion of set up (around 8.30 am) till close of the day at 4 pm. We hope to show our usual spread of Jujutsu, Kendo, Iaido, Arnis, Systema, Taiko, Jodo, Go, and include Kyudo (at least the taihai if not the actual shooting of arrows), and European fencing. 

We will need as many of you there as can make it to set up, demonstrate, and pack up at the end of the day. I know that some of you have out of town committments — particularly Jack B who will be helping out and competing at the Gin Gin Judo tournament over the weekend. However, for those of you who can, please come for as long as you can stay, and every little bit of assistance make a huge difference to the success of the day.  We will do a equipment pack at the MEAC Saturday afternoon 5 pm, and arrive at Queens Part 7.45 am Sunday so that vehicles can be out by 8.30 am and everything ready for the public at 10 am. We will be packing up at 4 pm, and heading to the Dojo straight afterward and commencing the unpack. For demonstrations, our busiest time is the 11am-2 pm period where there are the largest crowds in for lunch, so it would be most helpful if you can be there for that. 

For everyone intending to be there, please let me know ASAP as I can then forward the exhibitors/vehicle passes as necessary (so you won’t have to pay to get in).  

Please being all of your equipment and uniforms as we shall be cycling through the various disciplines and many of you will most likely be doing double duty. We will of course have Club equipment there and back up clothing/uniforms if you miss something. A water bottle and sun protection is also highly advisable. Even if you cannot physically demonstrate, we will still require you to interact with the public to hand out flyers and let people know a little about what it is we do. And the food as always will no doubt be delicious, so make sure you have some spare coin for that as well!

Have a great week everyone, and I hope to see many of you on Sunday.