Visit from the Kurume Kendo Renmei

Representatives from Kurume Kendo Renmei will be visiting Brisbane. There will be a number of scheduled activities and training opportunities while they are here from Thursday the 21st to Monday the 25th of August.

There will be 12 people in total including:
7 dan Matsuzaki Sensei & 7 dan Noguchi Sensei
6 dan : 3 members including Otomo Sensei
4 dan : 1 uni student & Masashi-san
3 dan : 2 uni students
2 dan : 2 uni students

The full schedule is not finalised as yet although the Ken Shin Kai Hall at Mt Gravatt has been booked for the two full days of training on 23rd and 24th.

As they are arriving early on Thursday morning, it is likely that the day will be spent on the Gold Coast. The plan for Friday is also not set, but most likely to include activities in and around Brisbane. Isaacs Sensei, from the Ken Shin Kai, has provided an invitation to all Toowoomba-based kendoka to participate in the activities planned with the visitors from Kurume, including the Friday activities and the training opportunity on the weekend.

Last visit provided an excellent opportunity for kendoka of all experience to learn from the visitors, and I am personally looking forward to participating and "unpacking" what we are exposed to this time.

Please consider freeing up your schedules for that weekend and let me know ASAP if you could use a ride down as we will ensure that if there are 6 or more we book the PCYC bus.