Great start to the year!

I wanted to express my thanks to everyone who has participated this week past to kick off what has been a great start to the year. 

I believe that Tuesday night’s Keiko Hajime, the seventh that we have held at the MEAC, has set a wonderful tone, with ten of us sharing both our passion for the Arts and a light supper afterwards. I look forward to help putting into action some of the training resolutions expressed at that event. 

The Yaguchi sensei seminar on Saturday was just as valuable as last year’s session, with many new insights to commit to practice. Tracy and I will certainly be reviewing what we learned over the coming Thursdays. As always, it was great to have the opportunity to train Kendo at the Kenshinkai that morning, and also for me to have a long overdue Arnis training opportunity and catch up with Don Ouellete sensei the night before. Certainly things to work on leading up to the grading opportunity towards the end of the year. Well done to Sean T for his first training session under John Isaacs sensei, and to Kateena for driving everyone down in the morning. 

A couple of thing going forward this week. First, we have been given in-principal support for our proposed community Kendo “give it a go” day and regional kyu grading, which we have pencilled in for the 24th of February. It will require some coordinated work for Club members to make the most of that opportunity, but I relish the challenge to have things ready for Orientation Week.   

Second, HNCPS ought to have arranged for a cleaning of the MEAC floor by today (Monday). If folk training jujutsu on Tuesday night could come as close to 5.45pm as they can, we can reset to training space quickly and keep the mats down for the next fortnight until school goes back for the new year on the 22nd of January.  

Finally, FlexiFit will be held in K201, Toowoomba campus of USQ for the remainder of this year. The decision to shift location has been partially driven by the increase in rental costs for the MEAC, and in part by a desire to engage more with the University community. We will be starting a little earlier (5.45 pm), and please bring a towel/yoga mat if you have one. We will be getting a few spare together for those that need them, but numbers will be limited. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead, and, as always, I’ll look forward to seeing you at training!