Kendo this week

It was wonderful to have a chance to train with Maaike Stehouwer last Wednesday for what will likely be our last Wednesday afternoon session for some time.

USQ Kendo training sessions have now switched to a Monday 4–5.30 pm timeslot, starting this week. We will be holding them in the Stadium area of the CBRC, and Michael will be down there today in case someone is free for a hit up.

There is a small chance that Greg Nicholas, sensei, will be in Toowoomba this week (the vagaries of his work may keep him in Brisbane). If so, we will have a training session Wednesday night, so keep an eye out for updates on this.

Finally, we are still looking for a permanent venue for Sunday training. The plan at this stage would be to use the MEAC as a temporary solution until we find a venue with a more suitable floor.