Toowoomba Languages and Cultural Festival

It is that time of year again, and the Club will be flying its colours this Sunday at the 11th annual Toowoomba Languages and Cultures Festival. We will once again be demonstrating the breadth of activities that the Club supports, and as always, having an excellent day training with friends.  

Please let Michael know if you are free that day, and when. We will need folk for bump in (7.30 am at Queen's Park) and bump-out (4 pm then across to the MEAC to unload). And of course your availability throughout the day to put on the demos. We will need to organise appropriate entrance passes etc. 

This year we ought to have Don Ouellette and the Brisbane-based Arnisidors come to add movement and colour. And we might have Tom Johnson Sensei come to give us a hand with Iaido (TBC).  

There will not be any kendo training at the MEAC this week as a result.

I'll look forward to seeing many of you there on the day!