Kendo thought for the week

I was talking with Itakura sensei after Kendo yesterday about what might be the best thing to concentrate on this week coming during training.

His response was simple and in keeping with what we have always tried to do with our Kendo here in Toowoomba — elegance, decisiveness and not beginning the "next" moment until the present one has finished.

On a meta-level, this means paying particular attention to issoku itto no maai (one step to cut) and zanshin (remaining spirit). Broken down, what we will be focussing on is maintaining correct posture; cutting with the shoulders and torso rather than the elbows; gliding (rather than galloping); maintaining kiai through the turn; and how to create the still point before the next action.

I have a few ideas/drills I would like to put into action to see if we can make progress on these things. One includes porting across some of the Internal Power training that has been practised  on Thursday nights. Another is to do some short, sharp kakarigeiko work to expand the sense of zanshin.

Would love to see as many kendoka as can make it this week to give things a red hot testing!