Jodo introduction for 2016

A brief introduction to Shinto Muso Ryu (SMR) Jodo for the new year. Legend has it that Jodo was developed (and the invention of the jo as well) by Samurai Muso Gonnosuke Katsuyoshi after he was defeated in a duel with the legendary Japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi. Using his new weapon and associated techniques, Muso Gonnosuke then defeated Musashi in a second dual (reportedly the only defeat Musashi suffered). SMR Jodo is different to the Seitei gata forms taught in Kendo and to Aikijo as taught in Aikido in that SMR Jodo is more directly based on the system developed by Muso Gonnosuke (both Seitei and Aikijo took from SMR various techniques and Kata to help enhance their foundation style).

The main curriculum of SMR Jodo involves not only the jo, but also both the wooden long sword (tachi) and short sword (kodachi). Practitioners need to become competent in the use of all three weapons. Additional weapons used in the art are the tanjo (short staff or walking stick), the kusarigama (sickle and chain) and the jutte.

SMR Jodo was brought to Toowoomba in 2012 by Sensei Adrian Knight who studied Jodo in Japan under Sensei Nishioka Tsuneo. Sensei Knght moved back to Japan mid 2015, and training in Toowoomba has been handed to his two senior students, Eric Tavenner and Adam Brannigan. Eric first experienced jo with Griffith Aikido as part of their weapons training, and received two years training in Aikijo. He has 2 1/2 years experience in SMR Jodo under Sensei Knight and with quite intensive training six months prior to Sensei leaving to Japan. Adam Brannigan has 3 years experience in SMR Jodo under Sensei Knight, and has extensive experience in iaijutsu.

SMR Jodo training is on Monday and Wednesday nights at the Mort Estate Activity Centre starting at 7:00 pm (19:00 hrs). Please see the Jodo web page on this site ( and click on MARTIAL ARTS) for further information. If you are considering Jodo, please stop by and watch, or contact Eric at