New training fee structure to commence 1 May

One of the important things ratified at the AGM was the new training fee structure for classes. Fees have been static for some years now, and we have been forced to reevaluate what we change for classes due to rising costs for both rental of the MEAC and other administrative costs. As a result, we have had to take the step to make a modest increase in our training charges.

From May 1 , casual training will be $10 per session, for every session that you attend. This means that if you are on a night with three session and you attend all three, the cost for that night is $30 (rather than $15 as it has previously been). 

Monthly fees will also be increasing. Full time students (regardless of institution) or those with a current concession card will be required to make a $75 contribution while general community members will be required to contribute $80 per month. This is still a significant discount from other similar activities, and you are able to earn “Dojo Dollars” to offset these costs. 

We will be tracking your payments via Martialytics, and next week we will be providing a comprehensive list of your options and instructions for making payments to the Club.  

Thanks in advance for making sure that you are on top of your obligations, and your discipline coordinators will be discussing details with you over the coming weeks.