11th Annual Toowoomba Language and Cultures Festival

As the long shadows settled on Queen's Park yesterday, I was reflecting on how lucky we are to have opportunities such as the TLCF to share our passions with the wider Toowoomba community on what has always been a glorious August day. I'm currently on the USQ inter-campus bus putting this post together, feeling a little tired from yesterday's efforts, but feeling immensely grateful for the day and the folk I shared it with.  

We once again had an excellent position at the back of the USQ pavilion and across from the Language Teacher's Association pavilion, the weather was perfect, and the company excellent. This year we ran small training session in Jujutsu, Kendo, Systema, Fire and Flow, Iaido and Jodo, with Ray helping to coordinate Go in the Teacher's tent and Don Ouellette and his Brisbane-based students coming up to support us through Arnis. Dave Johnson also ran a short movement class to keep us mobile through the afternoon. And Dave, Ray and I completed out commitment to the push-up challenge. 

As I said to everyone at the end of the day, I look forward to the TLCF as a highlight of the calendar, not only because of the opportunity to train, but to share the day with the wonderful folk who are the Club and to interact with the broader public. 

So to everyone who assisted  — thank you. Tracy, Tony, Scott, Shane, Sean T., Sean C., Robert, Ray, Matt M., Matt G., Jade R., Geoff, Eric, Don, Dave, Dylan, and Brady. I was also really good to see absent friends drop past, whether is had been for a few weeks or a longer while. And a shout out to Sian who had to miss her first TLCF in eight years due to injury (NOT martial arts related, for the record). We all missed her steady presence, courage and humour. 

So the count down is on for next year, and we shall see if we can entice a few more widely scattered friends to come and celebrate what will be the Club's tenth festival. Till then, train hard, be save, and above all else, have fun!