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The Club as a not-for profit puts all monies raised through tuition, grants and donations into providing more services and equipment for Members. At present, it has several special projects that it seeks to fund. The three most important to us are ...


Training mats

The mats the Club trains on are the most crucial piece of safety equipment that we use. At present we have access to a little over one inner Judo competition court worth of mats (104 square meters, or 42 mats), but we need to more than double that to 196 square meters in order to host inter-club judo competitions.

Each additional mat is roughly $200 to purchase. They are the Club's most expensive and most important item!

More mats allow for more classes and more opportunities to service the University and wider Toowoomba community. Your donations will directly translate to a safer training experience.

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Safe landings require a safe surface ...

Safe landings require a safe surface ...

Australian University Games teams

All funds raised here will go towards helping competitors with transport, accommodation and registration costs associated with attending the Australian University Games, which this year will be held in the Gold Coastat the end of September.

Costs can be significant per person, with accommodation around $300 and registration around $200.

Come help us put our best teams on the field and help contribute to improving the performance of USQ and the profile of Toowoomba!

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Discussing team tactics —  Kendo  at AUG 2013,

Discussing team tactics — Kendo at AUG 2013,


We have a dream...

We have a dream of building a purpose-built facility that will act as a centre for martial arts in South-East Queensland and the premier University martial arts facility in Australia. Big dreams start with small steps. Help us to get under way!

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