How do I pay?

Please note that the Club has gone fully electronic in its receipt of payments and you will be directed to use either direct debit or our credit card facility to pay your dues.

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Bun Bu Ryo Do – The USQ Martial Arts Club runs as a not-for-profit organisation that facilitates its member disciplines to do what they do best — provide high quality training to the USQ and General communities.

We understand what it is like to be a student, and just how tight personal budgets can be. We keep prices at the lowest that we can.

To make it easier, we have now arranged for a facility where you can either direct debit or pay by credit card for your membership costs and training contributions.

We have also just added PayPal to the list of ways we can accept your payments.

Fees cover core costs such as membership of the relevant National/State organisation and insurance. Members are liable for the base Club registration fee and affiliation fees in the disciplines they train in.

For those wanting to direct debit into the Club's account (for instance if you don't have a Visa or Master Card), the relevant details are:

Account Name: Bun Bu Ryo Do - The USQ Martial Arts Club
Account Number: 131 81041
BSB: 638-070
Bank: Heritage Bank (USQ branch)

Which you can either do on-line or pop into any Heritage branch with these details!

Regular Training Contributions:

Training contributions solely go to hall hire and incidental costs.

Week night sessions at the MEAC

  • $10 one session.

  • Monthly training at the MEAC (to be paid within the first calendar week of the month) $80. Full time students or concession card holders have a discount rate of $70 per month

Additional contributions:

  • Equipment use for "consumables" such as shinai and Arnis canes or laudering of borrowed uniforms shall be one "gold coin" donation per session.

Please note: Payments through the Club's e-commerce site will incur a surcharge in order to cover costs there. Cash payment made at the dojo or via direct bank transfer do not a surcharge.

Annual Club and Affiliation fees:

Paid through the Club are:

Annual BBRD Membership: (to be a 'financial' member with the Club)

  • $15 – USQ Student/Staff

  • $20 – General Member.

Then, you need to pay for registration and insurance :

  • $30 core insurance plus $10 per art

The following are directly handled by the relevant governing organisations:

  • Kendo/Seitei iaido: $60 plus $10 per art to the Queensland Kendo Renmei

Finally, as a student-focussed Club, we understand what it can be like to manage a limited budget, particularly when there are significant study related expenses to take care of. If you are experiencing financial stress, please talk to us. Generally, as long as your insurance and affiliations fees are covered, we can be flexible with your training contributions.