Fire and Flow

Contact: Jesse Gough-McIlrick• (m)  0400 795 183 • (e)


Fire and Flow is a class that systematically teaches you the fundamentals of fire twirling. It introduces the use of the staff, fan, poi and other flow implements in a fun and structured manner, ensuring that practitioners are safe with "dry" equipment before progressing to the use of fire.


Fire and Flow comes out of the circus tradition of twirling, and is suitable for people 9 years and older, with no prior experience necessary!


When: On Break — Back soon!

Where: Mort Estate Activity Centre, Rosewood Street

At first, bring ...

Yourself, comfortable exercise clothes, water bottle

Once you are training for a while, you will need ...

Flame retardant clothing, your own twirling equipment.

These can be obtained through BBRD, or we can provide advice on what might be suitable.

You’ll also need to ...

Pay BBRD membership and insurance fees, and training contribution.