Contact: Mr Michael Baczynski(e) • (p) 04 1144 2081

Supervising Instructor: Tom Johnson, nidan

Kyudo (弓道 , the way of the bow) is the Japanese martial art (gendai budō) of archery; kyudo practitioners may be known as Kyudojin, experts in Kyudo are referred to as kyūdōka. Kyudo is based on kyūjutsu (art of archery), which originated with the samurai class of feudal Japan. Kyudo is practised by thousands of people worldwide. The International Kyudo Federation has over 132, 000 graded members.

The principal objectives of this traditional teaching are: virtue (zen), beauty (bi) and truth (shin). Different people will come to practice Kyudo for different reasons. Some of those who come to practice find the lessons and practice of Kyudo is something they can use to apply to, and therefore improve, their everyday lives. For others it is not only a way to keep fit and strengthen the body. Others use it as a way to train the mind. Many see Kyudo as a way of bringing peace to themselves, thought the meditative aspects of Kyudo

It does not require the same sort of physicality that is required in other martial arts, and can be practised by men or women of all age, though a certain level of fitness and flexibility is needed. In terms of strength, each individual can use a bow (or yumi) that is the right size and strength for them.

BBRD is proud to support the development of a Queensland Kyudo Association and the practice of Kyudo in Queensland. We will be starting regular study group sessions here in Toowoomba, as well as obtaining regular input from qualified instructors and sensei. Details to be posted soon.



When: TBA

Where:  MEAC

What to bring: Yourself, comfortable exercise clothes to start, water bottle. If you have uwagi, hakama and kaku obi from other disciplines, these may be used initially. However, please ask us about the suitability of the uniform you wish to use.

Once you are training for a while: white Kyudo uwagi and black hakama, white tabi, kaku obi, kake, mune ate (for women), yumi, ya. These can be obtained through the Club, or we can provide advice on what might be suitable.

You’ll need to: Pay Kohokai membership ($200 payable once) Queensland Kyudo Association membership ($70), and regular training/seminar contributions.