QKR deadlines for this week

The end of this week coincides with both the end of the Financial Year and the end of the QKR membership year. It is also going to be two weeks before the grading opportunity that will be held on Sunday 14 July. 

As a matter of urgency, if you have not made your renewal for the 2019-2020 year, please ensure you do this before Friday. Likewise, if you intend to grade, then you need to get me to electronically sign off on your grading form (Kendo and Iaido) before Friday so that they can be lodged with Tom sensei and properly processed.  

If you are not a financial member, you cannot participate at the QKR seminar. If your paperwork is not lodged two weeks prior to the grading, you will not be allowed to sit for examination.  

Tom sensei has been utterly consistent with both points over the years, something I fully support. If you have any questions about your membership status, please contact me today so that I can clarify with Tom sensei and we can make sure that everything is sorted before Friday’s deadline. 

End of semester/term, training this week (and for the next few months).

I just wanted to congratulate everyone currently studying for having made it through your respective exam periods, and hope that your results reflect the work you have put into things over the past few months.  

I have a little more clarity around what my timetable will look like for the next few months. For me personally, I will be in Toowoomba for this week, then back in Bundaberg the week after, then a further week in Toowoomba leading up to the QKR seminar, and then will be commencing a university class for the coming Term that starts 9 am Monday, and where the last class finishes at 3 pm Thursday. This means leaving Sunday afternoons for the next few months. 

Most immediately, when in Toowoomba for this week and the week starting 8 July, I will be offering both Jujutsu (6 pm) and Kendo (7.40 pm) classes on Monday and Thursday. It would be great to see folk there for both sessions, especially given the proximity of the QKR seminar. 

Moving on from that, we will have to make some changes to the training offerings through the week. Currently, there are insufficient numbers to make up a Monday evening jujutsu class and make it viable, and we may look to run it parallel to Fencing on a Tuesday so that the few who would like to train can do so. Second, I cannot guarantee getting back to Toowoomba in time for a 6 pm start of a Thursday, so we may look to change the order of training to start with Kendo and finish with Jujutsu on alternating weeks so that I can provide some input across both of those classes. 

The other unfortunate casualty will be lunchtime Go sessions at USQ, unless someone else wishes to take on the mantle of coordinating those session. I will be taking a board up with me to Bundaberg and see if we can get some regular interest up there this term thought!  

For Gin Giners, we will be shifting Jujutsu to a Tuesday night after Judo, and staying with Kendo and Iaido on Wednesdays for the weeks that I am in the district. Beyond that, we will discuss the best training schedule going forward.  

So have fun everyone, and I’ll hope to see you soon at the respective dojo! 

Training this week

After a very intense week of assessment commitments last week, I have the relief of a week at home where I will be preparing for three end-of-Term examinations next week. It will allow me to catch up on a few bits and pieces here as well as give me the extra time/headspace to focus on my studies. 

While this means Gin Gin classes are on hiatus this week, I am planning to run both Jujutsu and Kendo classes tonight in the MEAC to make up for Saturday’s cancellation. It will be good to get some kendo training under our belts in preparation for the SEQ regional training session on the 23rd and the upcoming seminar in July, and to have a late kick off to our monthly focus on ne wasa in Jujutsu. 

Hope to see you in the dojo this evening, and later this week! 

Michael B

Jujutsu news

Things have been ticking along well in both Toowoomba and Gin Gin with steady numbers in all classes save Monday nights. This week is the last for our monthly focus on nage wasa though as I have mentioned in both locations, we will continue to use what we have learned this month as transition into our ne wasa focus for June. 

We appear to not have been able to generate sufficient interest for Monday nights in Toowoomba. Unfortunately, we will have to pull the pin on a longer term basis unless we are in a position to run a class either this week or next. If Brady does not get sufficient interest in either of these sessions, we will take a hiatus for classes till the first week of July, when we shall then re-evaluate the times. 

We will be doing a further review of training times based on my availability due to study commitments in early July, so your input will be critical. At present the only time I can commit to are Saturday sessions, so we will have to play things by ear once my timetable is set. 

As mentioned in Sean’s post, we will be putting together a Club Tozando order in the next week or so to time with the upcoming QKR seminar. For those of you interested in a Grapplingstore order for knee pads etc. compression shorts or other equipment/uniforms they supply, please let me know in the next fortnight as I will be putting in an order with them as well. Grapplingstore have changed their terms of service, so while we still receive a discount, they have asked that we do a minimum $100 order before they ship. 

As always will look forward to seeing you in the dojo! 

Michael B
Head Instructor

Kendo news and Tozando order

Hi Everyone.

With the QKR seminar grading fast approaching, all of us who look to challenge are steaming ahead on target. This brings into question whether or not you have all of the equipment you may need. If the answer for you is no, I have some good news! I have been pushing for a few months and now am getting enough interest to be able to put together an order from Tozando. So if you think if there is anything you may want or need please put in your request.

We have a great relationship with the Kyoto-based company and get a Club discount off their already very affordable pricing.  Have a look at their website and let me know by week’s end what you are interested in. Once all the potential orders are in, we will be able to calculate shipping cost and you can then transfer monies into the Club account. We want to ensure that the order is sent off no later than Thursday next week to try and ensure that it arrives before the seminar.Pplease try to be fast with decision making as shipping can take some time. If Tozando do not have an item in stock.

In other news every one is progressing well, Welcome to Jones Wong, and thanks for the fun practice. I also attended the first of the QKR monthly mini seminars on Saturday and had a blast. I’m looking forward to the next scheduled one in June, and it will be great to see more of the Toowoomba-based kendoka there.

Sean T. 
Kendo Coordinator

Gin Gin class on tonight

While it is Labor Day in Queensland today, I still have to head up to Bundaberg tonight to present myself for 9 am Physio classes tomorrow. Therefore, I will be making my usual stop in Gin Gin this evening to run a Jujutsu class. 

We have ticked over to a new month, and so our emphasis will be changing for the next few weeks. However, tonight we will still be doing a capstone review of our kansetsu wasa before examining more of the nage wasa.  

Hope to see folk there tonight! 

Congratulations for successful jujutsu gradings

I am very pleased to announce that both Jack Baker and Sean Thompson were successful in their jujutsu shinsa on Saturday. 

Jack has been long overdue a grading attempt, having missed a few opportunities to challenge for 6KYU. He ably demonstrated the requirements for the grade on Saturday, and will be leaving Toowoomba with the right to wear a blue belt in training. Sean was a last minute inclusion for the grade, but amply demonstrated the requirements for 8KYU.

As always, shinsa lets people know about what they need to focus on next, and is an important tool to frame your training journey, rather than see as a destination to reach. Many thanks to Brady for his role as dojo steward, and to Dylan G, back to the dojo after a break, in his role as uke

My intention is to hold another grading opportunity in November, and I would like to see many more accept the challenge at that time.  

Congratulations Isaacs Sensei

On the 30th of April, we received the news from Tamura Sensei that John Isaacs Sensei, chief instructor of Kenshinkai and Head coach of QLD AKC Squad, had successfully challenged for the rank of nanadan (7th Dan) Kendo, in Kyoto in Japan. I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate him on behalf of the combined Bun Bu Ryo Do and Mu Shin Itto Kendo Clubs. Please join me in congratulating Isaacs Sensei.

Isaacs Sensei’s grading Match 1

Match 2

Sean T- Kendo Coordinator

Toowoomba Jujutsu Classes for May

Hi all,

Due to the Labor Day holiday tomorrow, there will be no jujutsu training.

Furthermore, due to low attendance, Monday night training will be held only when there are three people who have gotten onto Brady to express their availability to train on a Monday night. Since numbers have been low on Mondays, this has become a necessary step to keep the night of training viable for the club.

So, if you want to and are available to train on Mondays, message Brady no later than 4:30pm on Monday to let him know so that a decision can be made around training for the night. Remember there needs to be a minimum of three people for training.

I look forward to seeing everyone on the mats shortly and congratulations to those who successfully challenged a grade over the weekend.