No Jodo until 4 November

Due to the MEAC being unavailable this week and to my being out of town until the start of next month, ther will be no jodo sessions until the 4th of November.

Training will resume at 7:30 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


MEAC unavailable 14-19 October

Due to Holy Name holding their art show this week, training across all disciplines will not be held at the MEAC.

Please confirm with your instructor/coordinator whether your training will be cancelled or moved to another venue.

Jujutsu this week: Monday 7 - Saturday 12 October

Jujutsu will be held only on Thursday evening this week (Thursday 10 October). This is due to Monday being the Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday and on Saturday, Brady will be attending a wedding and Michael will be up north in Bundaberg. In addition, Michael will be back in Toowoomba for regular training (both nights) from next week.

All the best to those who are finalising their uni semester (and good luck!) and best wishes to those who are beginning the final term of the year - both students and teachers.

Carnival of Flowers support

Just a quick note of thanks to Tomoko and the rest of the Toowoomba Taiko group for inviting us along to the Toowoomba Japanese Garden to participate in their Carnival of Flowers performance.

I had a wonderful day, and it was great to have Iaido, Jujutsu, Kendo kata and Jodo demonstrations. Horatio Davis from the Queensland Go Society made it up and set up some board to encourage folk to take up the game. I know there were many photos and video taken, so do look to our social media to see the footage over the next few days!

Push for the summit — End of semester/term in view

With the first week of USQ mid semester break kicking off (and associated school holidays), and Week 10 of 12 teaching weeks at CQU, we are all rapidly approaching the end of the standard academic year.

I am going to have to stay up in Bundaberg till next Thursday 3 October, and Brady will be away this week at his parent’s farm, so there will not be any week-night training for Jujutsu this week in Toowoomba. Brady will let everyone know about this Saturday, and next Monday. I will then be back to run next Thusday and Saturday’s classes as normal.

Sean T is keen to run Kendo sessions while am away, so please ask him directly about those arrangements.

Gin Gin Jujutsu, Iaido and Kendo sessions will run as usual over the next fortnight through the school holiday period.

For me, my studying year will be over by Friday 25 October. I will provide some updates regarding virtual dojo training times and visits to Gin Gin for the break till March once we work up the schedule. I would also like to pencil in a Jujutsu grading opportunity for the weekend after the QKR seminar in December, and will confirm more details over the coming weeks.

I would also like to wish all competitors at the Uni Sports Div 1 Nationals all the best for the competition starting this weekend coming, especially in Kendo and Judo. I would also like to thank Club members who are heading down to fill support roles for the event.

Have fun everyone and Gambatte!

Up Coming Events

Hello all,

There are several events that are coming up.

First, taiko is giving a performance this Saturday (21 Sept.) at the Japanese Gardens next to USQ from 10 am to 2 pm. They have graciously invited other groups in BBRD to come and do demonstrations, so discipline coordinators, if you are interested in giving a demonstration please contact Tomoko .

Also, there will be a sword arts workshop held on 28 September starting at 2 pm at the MEAC. This will be the first of two held this year. The focus of this workshop is on Japanese sword skills. Further details TBA.

School holidays start 23 Sept. and end 7 Oct. The end of Semester 2 is coming as well, with exams starting the end of next month (October).

Discipline specific events will be announced by your discipline coordinator.


Carnival of Flowers changes to training

Just a reminder that this Saturday (21 September) we will be in the Japanese Garden from 10am– 2pm in support of the Taiko performance in the Toowoomba Japanese garden. As a result, we will not be running Saturday afternoon sessions at the MEAC for Kendo, Jujutsu or FlexiFit.

I’m looking forward to the weekend’s events, as we will be joined by the Queensland Go Society who will be setting up some boards and teaching he basics of Go. Hope to see you all there!

Jujutsu Training now Monday Night

Jujutsu training will now be held on Monday and Thursday night.

The change from Tuesday to Monday is due to the usage of the hall and the logistical need for Fencing to change nights. This change will be in effect immediately, which means that training this week will be Monday night from 6:00pm and Thursday night from 6:00pm, as well as our regular Saturday slot (3:30pm).

Please remember to advise Brady if you will not make Monday and Michael if you will not make Thursday or Saturday training.

Hope to see you all at the dojo soon!