Coordinator: Mrs Tomoko Sneath • (e) sumomotom123@gmail.com

Taiko is a word used to describe the traditional fat-bodied Japanese drums that have been an essential feature of Japanese culture for over 1000 years. Taiko performance consists of many components in technical rhythm, form, stick grip, clothing, and the particular instrumentation.

Toowoomba Taiko is a group of Japanese expatriates and enthusiasts who meet to learn this exciting discipline. We believe in the principle of minna no taiko, which means “Taiko drumming for anyone and everyone”, and are under the guidance of the Japan-based Takatsuki Drums. We are inclusive, and seek to introduce Taiko to the wider Toowoomba region, regardless of age or background.



Thursday 6.00 – 7.30 pm (MEAC)

Where: (maps)

• Mort Estate Activity Centre, Holy Name Primary School, Rosewood Street

What to bring: Yourself, comfortable exercise clothes to start, water bottle. 

There are some practice Taiko available for use in the dojo during training. We can also advise how to make your own practice Taiko.

You’ll need to: Pay Taiko discipline fee ($10) per session and BBRD general membership and BBRD insurance.