Kendo on the move

I just wanted to provide the members and friends of BBRD and Mushin Itto the heads up that after more than a quarter century of Sunday morning training, we will have to find an alternative venue for weekend Kendo keiko.

Unfortunately, the redevelopment at the James Street PCYC has left us without a suitable space to train. Specifically, the sprung floor of the former basketball court is now occupied by gymnastics, and the former space where gymnastics was located is now a bare concrete floor. This is completely unsuitable for the practice of Kendo, as fumikomi on such a surface will inevitably result in injuries.

The Toowoomba-based Kendo seniors will be looking to find an alternative venue this week— most likely temporary at first to minimise the disruption to training, before finding a new permanent home. It does, however, provide an opportunity to revisit when the best day and time for Kendo training might be through the week, and this will be considered alongside plans to reinvigorate Kendo at USQ, and start a school-based Kendo program in 2016.

We will keep everyone posted as far as possible, though we are likely to use direct e-mail and Facebook to let people know of what is happening later this week.

Also, if you think of a suitable space for Kendo, let us know ASAP so we can investigate all options!