Jujutsu shinsa Saturday 28 May

The date for the jujutsu nyumon and chuden gradings will be 10am Saturday 28 May at the Mort Estate Activity Centre.

If you intend to grade, you will need to nominate which grade you are attempting and pay the registration fee of $20 no later than Saturday 21 May. Please e-mail Michael with your request to grade, and ensure that the fee is deposited directly into the BBRD account.

Gradings are a culmination of many months of sustained effort, and you are very welcome to invite family and friends to observe. It is expected that the examination should be finished by 12.30, and we will finish off by sharing lunch at its conclusion.

Things to keep in mind this month in the lead up to the grading:

  1. While shinsa preparation is not a "sprint", now is not the time to slack off from your training. Try to attend as many sessions as you can between now and the end of the month.
  2. Make sure you know what is expected for your grade. The grading requirement sheets are on the Club's Facebook group page, but I will e-mail people the relevant document directly if requested.
  3. Ask questions if you don't understand a component of the grading requirements or if you can't quite remember how to do a particular portion of the curriculum.
  4. Don't panic. You are not expected to be perfect at the requirements, simply adequate for your grade. It is much more important to show spirit, tenacity., and a demonstration of solid foundations for posture and movement. 
  5. Remember you are working with— rather than fighting against— your partners, both in training and during the grading. Be generous, offer yourself to the technique, particularly as the main focus for this month is nage wasa.

Gambatte folks!